Street Sweeping

All city streets are swept in the spring of each year as soon as the temperature holds at about 32 degrees. Lino Lakes conducts an annual Street Sweeping Program that involves the removal of the residual sand resulting from snow and ice control maintenance.  The City has about 104 miles of streets (center line miles), or 208 miles of curb line to sweep.  Areas of the City served by City water are swept first to keep ahead of hydrant flushing, which can wash sand into wetlands. Areas without city water are then swept.  Residents can help by getting vehicles off city streets when sweeping crews are in their neighborhoods. With good weather and no breakdowns, it takes about seven to eight weeks to complete sweeping all city streets. In areas where construction activities are not fully completed, the Engineering Department arranges for the streets to be swept on a regular basis by the Project Developer.

Spring Schedule:  Street sweeping will start as soon as the snow melts and the weather forecast is clear of snow.