Lawn Sprinkler / Water Use Restrictions

To conserve water, the City of Lino Lakes has adopted a watering ban/lawn sprinkler restrictions. Lawn watering is prohibited from 10 am to 6 pm year-round. An odd/even rule is in place from May 15 to September 15. This means that if your address ends with an even number, you are able to water on even calendar dates. If it ends in an odd number, you can water on odd calendar dates. Exemptions for new sod or seed can be obtained by calling the Public Services Department at 651-982-2440.

Please note homeowners can be assessed a citation for not adhering to the water use restrictions as stated in the City Code SS401.03

Exceptions - The water use restrictions do not apply to the following situations:

  • Hand watering of plants using a hose
  • Property owners using a private well for sprinkling

Review our City Code on Watering Restrictions!

Manganese is a naturally occurring element found in rocks and soil and is often found in Minnesota ground and surface water. Your body needs some manganese to stay healthy, but too much can be harmful. Learn more by visiting the MDH webpage and searching for Manganese in Drinking Water.

Manganese is unregulated and does not have an enforceable standard. However, the MDH recommended health guidelines are:

  1. If you have an infant who drinks tap water or drinks formula made with tap water, a safe level of manganese in your water is 100 parts per billion (ppb) or less.
  2. If you have an infant who never drinks tap water or formula made with tap water, a safe level of manganese in your water is 300 ppb or less.
  3. If everyone is more than one year old, a safe level of manganese in your water is 300 ppb or less.

The City requested testing from MDH to better understand manganese levels for all City wells. Below are the results from the December 31, 2019 testing (For the most recent water testing results see Manganese Testing in City Water Supply (PDF)).

  • Well Number 1 158 ppb
  • Well Number 2 527 ppb
  • Well Number 3 322 ppb
  • Well Number 4 84 ppb
  • Well Number 5 143 ppb
  • Well Number 6 408 ppb

The City's municipal water supply is a mixture of water from all six wells. The water mixes in water mains and towers and then travels to customers' taps. The City cannot know the level of manganese at any given drinking water tap.

Smart Irrigation Controller Program

In an effort to enhance water conservation efforts in the City by helping residents conserve water (while saving money), the City of Lino Lakes will again be implementing the Smart Irrigation Controller Program in Spring of 2022. Smart Irrigation Controller Image

What is being offered?

100 8-Zone Rachio 3 irrigation controllers are being offered to homeowners for a discounted price of $45.00 +tax. Controllers will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any residence in Lino Lakes that is connected to municipal water and has an irrigation system with 8-zones or less is eligible to participate. Participation is limited to one per residence for the life of the program. Please see the guidelines and eligibility criteria on the application form to see if you qualify to participate.

Why was the Rachio controller selected?

The Rachio 3 controllers were selected based on Wi-fi compatibility, the quality of the customer help-line, ease of installation, and ease of operation. The Rachio is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense certified and utilizes Wi-Fi to make water decisions instead of secondary components like sensors.

How does the controller work?

The controller connects to your home’s Wi-Fi to rely on local weather station data and seasonal variation to decide how much water your grass needs. Check your Wi-Fi strength at your existing controller before purchasing. Controllers are operated with smart phones.

How to purchase a controller?

Complete an application form. Either mail the application to Lino Lakes City Hall, or deliver it to the Community Development window located at City Hall. Once received, City staff will process your application and provide a time to pick-up your controller. Payment is due at the time of controller pick-up.