Parks & Trails

Visit the Lino Lakes Parks & Trails map (PDF) to view trail routes and locations, or the Parks page to view park photos and amenities. 

Park Policies:

o Park hours are from 7am – 10pm

o Alcohol is not allowed in any of our City parks

o Vehicles are not allowed on the grass, sidewalk, etc. Please park in designated parking areas.

o Pets must be leashed and owners must cleanup any pet waste when visiting the parks (pets are prohibited from being in the playground area)

o Some park shelters are available to rent/reserve. Please visit our Park Shelter Reservation Permit form for more information.

o If you have any concerns regarding our parks please contact Public Services or Mike Hoffman, Park Supervisor. 

Trail Reminders:

o Unauthorized motorized vehicles and recreation equipment are not allowed on the trails.

o When walking your pet, please clean-up after them.

o If you property is located near a trail, please take a moment to check that your outdoor landscaping is pruned and not encroaching onto the trail. Out trail maintenance equipment requires an 8ft overhead clearance and 1ft cleared area around the trail in order to properly clear and maintain the trail. 

o If you have a concern about a trail, please report the problem by contacting Public Services or Mike Hoffman, Park Supervisor.