Pavement Management

Pavement Management

The Pavement Management Program provides a guide for the City to make strategic decisions related to roadway maintenance and reconstruction activities to maximize the useful life of the pavement and to minimize maintenance costs by performing proper actions at the optimum time. The program also provides for financing strategies to make the most efficient use of available resources.

Traffic conesCity's 2022 Pavement Management Report

The City's Pavement Management Program evaluates the condition of the roadways and provides recommended maintenance.

City Pavement Management PlanCity 5 Year Roadway Capital Improvement Plan

All City streets that are not constructed to current standards, including concrete curbs and gutters, will be subject to major rehabilitation at some time during the life of the street. Priority is given to streets or groups of streets that have the highest usage.

Street Reconstruction PlanStreet Reconstruction Plan

Each year, Lino Lakes considers and funds a number of street reconstruction/rehabilitation projects. This plan prioritizes roadway improvements based on a variety of factors, including age and condition of the roadway and replacement schedules of utilities located under the street. The City's Public Works Department makes every effort to keep disruptions and inconveniences to a minimum during street construction.