Water Treatment Facility

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The construction of a drinking water treatment facility is needed to remove iron and manganese from the City's water supply. 

The facility will be located on the southwest corner of 12th Avenue and Birch Street. 

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Key Processes

The new Lino Lakes drinking water treatment facility will provide safe, aesthetically pleasing drinking water to the community.  Key processes for your treatment plant are outlined below.

Diagram of water filtration unit

1. Aeration: 

Aeration using forced draft aerators will disperse the raw well water into droplets and allow oxygen to be dissolved into the water, to support biological filtration.

2. Filtration:

Filtration will be the central treatment process used to remove iron and manganese contained in the raw well water. The filters are being designed so they can be operated conventionally or biologically.  

Conventional Filtration:

Relies on man-made-chemicals for oxidation or iron and manganese, prior to the filters.

Biological Filtration:  

Relies on the groundwater’s naturally-occurring-microbes for oxidation of iron and manganese, prior to the filters.  Benefits include:

  • Less man-made-chemicals / costs
  • Less chemical byproducts formed
  • A Natural / Sustainable process
  • Better tasting water 
  • More stable and less corrosive water

During preliminary pilot testing, biological filtration proved very promising.  The final decision, between biological and conventional treatment, will be made during the water plant start-up. 

3. Backwash Water Reclamation: 

The filters will have to be regularly backwashed to clean out accumulated iron and manganese. The backwash waste stream will be sent to tanks for settling, and the clarified water will be recycled back through the plant to save water and minimize waste.

4. Clearwell: 

Filtered water will be stored in a clearwell storage tank beneath the plant 


The filtered water will be disinfected, prior to being pumped into the distribution system, to ensure that your drinking water is microbially safe.