Recreational Swim

The Aquatic Center Schedule specifies times the pools are available for Recreational Swim. Recreational Swim designates when the pool is open for general water activities and use by youth and adults (outside of lap swim, aqua fitness, or other programs). Some sections of the pool maybe utilized for swim lessons during this time.

Due to the unique design of our facility, we have 3 specified types of Recreational Swim that designate what pools and water features are open and available to rec swimmers. Oasis Swim, Slide Swim, Open Swim.

Please see our Swim Test Policy for safety (supervision) guidelines for swimmers  and wristband information. We have highlighted more frequently asked rules/guidelines below.

  • Shower before entering
  • Ages 5yrs and under must have touch supervision
  • Ages 6-10yrs may take swim test to be in lap pool unaccompanied, adult must remain in pool area
  • Ages 11 - 14yrs may use pool with accompanying adult in facility
  • 48" or taller may ride waterslide

Lap Swim is available daily see schedule and more information HERE

Aqua Fitness offers 6 classes weekly, see schedule and more information HERE


Mar 13 - May 28

Oasis Swim

Splash pool open, slide off 
(lap pool for lap swim only)

Slide Swim 

Splash pool open, slide on

(lap pool for lap swim only) 

Open Swim

Splash pool and 3 Lanes of Lap Pool open for Rec Swim


4pm - 7pm7pm - 8pm7pm - 8pm


4pm - 7pm7pm - 8pm7pm - 8pm


4pm - 7pm7pm - 8pm7pm - 8pm


4pm - 8pm4pm - 8pm


4pm - 8pm4pm - 8pm


9am - 12pm12pm - 7pm12pm - 7pm


10am - 12pm12pm - 4pm12pm - 4pm