Voting Assistance & Curbside Voting

If you need help with voting:

  • You can ask the election judges at the polling place for assistance in reading or marking your ballot.
  • You may bring someone along to the polling place to assist you.
  • The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires that every polling place be equipped with a voting system that is accessible for individuals with disabilities, providing them the opportunity to vote privately and independently. The OmniBallot voter assist unit is available at each polling place for voters with disabilities and other special needs. This assistance includes an audio function that allows blind voters or those with severely impaired vision to listen to the choices through headphones and a zoom feature that enables voters to increase the font size of each race listed on the optical scan ballot.

All polling places are fully accessible with clearly marked accessible doors and parking spaces. If you are unable to easily leave your vehicle to enter the polling place, you can ask to have a ballot brought out to you. This is known as 'curbside voting.' Two election judges from different major political parties will bring out a form to gather the necessary information to verify voter registration status. Once you have been entered into the election roster, they will bring a ballot to your vehicle. If you need to register or update your registration, you will need proper identification or someone to vouch for you. When you are finished voting, election judges will give you an "I Voted" sticker and bring your ballot inside for you and put it in the ballot box. Please call City Clerk Julie Bartell at 651-982-2406 if you have questions about curbside voting.